How to apply China Visa Online

Normally, travelers must apply visa in person at the consulate or embassy of China, applications cannot be sent through the mail. If you want to apply China Visa online, you should apply via a visa application service. You only need send them necessary information and they will handle all.

In order to apply a China visa application online, first of all, find a good China visa application service such as Travel visa pro. After choosing a service, you never have to worry about the hassles of filling out and processing your Chinese visa application form.

Each Visa service agency has a different proceduce, contact the visa application service to get guideline details.

Normally, you must follow these basic steps:

Step1: Visit the website of visa application service you choose.

Step2: Fill out the required information following the instructions, step by step.

Step3: Confirm the necessary documents for china visa application again.

Step4: Pay for fees

Step5: Wait for the visa application service confirms for the success of your visa application online.


For further information for each countries please visit:

Chinese Embassies and Chinese consulates world wide.

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