Some information you should understand in your China visa

Below are some main informations printed in your China visa, check out clearly its meaning.

Entries : refers to the number of times you are permitted to enter China. It can be single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry and good through the validity of your visa.

Enter Before : is mention to the validity of you visa. It begins from the date of issue and good through 24h00 Beijing Time of the “Enter Before” date unless the number of entries is used up or the visa is revoked by the Chinese government.

Duration of Each Stay: is the maximum number of days you are allowed to stay in China on each entry, calculated from the date of entry into China. While in China, you may find your date of departure from China will exceed the “Enter Before” date. You will not be punished as long as your total stay on that entry is within the limit on the “Duration of Each Stay”.

There are some differences of China visa from other nationals visa, so please check carefully about China visa befor entering China.

For further information for each countries please visit:

Chinese Embassies and Chinese consulates world wide.

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